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International conference "message of peace in Islam" next Monday

 The international conference "message of peace in Islam" to be held in the Umayyad palace in Damascus next Monday, organized  by the Ministry of Religious Endowments in collaboration with the British Embassy in Damascus, and with the participation of a select group of scientists and professors of thought, culture and dialogue.

Conference Topics include the danger of extremism in Islam and the world, and the role of the educational curriculum in the promotion of peace, while the main topic in the second day is role of  Islam in the reduction of poverty and unemployment, and human rights in Islam ..

The closing session includes the final statment and recommendations, and participants  in the conference includes  the British ambassador in Damascus Collies Simon and Dr. Mohammed Saeed Ramadan Al Bouti and the Republic's Mufti Ahmad Badr Eddin Hassoun, Patriarch Aiwas Zakka I, Patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox and the Minister of Religious Endowments Muhammad Abdul Sattar, Mr. President of the Islamic Action Front in Lebanon, Dr. Fathi Yakan. Professor, Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies - University of Qatar Mohammed Salem Abu Assi, and Dr. Omar Abdul Kafi.





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