06/09/2009 16:13:45

Kommersant :Sokol is manufacturing MiG-31 aircrafts to Syria


An Official in Charge of Russian Aircrafts Industry sector said on Sunday that Syria' import of MiG-29 aircrafts has taken effect, hoping that the agreement of selling MIG-31 aircraft to Syria would take effect too.
"Five years ago, Syria concluded two transactions to import MIG-29 and MiG-31Aircrafts", Head of United Aircrafts Industry Co. Alexi Viodorov said in an interview with "Kommersant" newspaper.
The paper reported that Syria is due to receive eight MIG-31 Aircraft at the amount USD400-500 million.
"In 1994, Russia stopped the production of MIG-31 Aircrafts, so the buyer would get the crafts from Russia's reserves", the paper said, citing that "Sokol" manufacture has started to produce eight MiG-31 aircrafts to be exported to Syria.
 "All obstacles should be removed when Russia decides to export the MiG-31 aircrafts to Syria", the strategic expert Konstantine Macyenco said.



مصدر الخبر: Novosti

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