20/10/2009 22:56:13

Annual Conference for boycotting Israel is held

General Commissioner of the main office for the boycotting Israel Mohammad al-Tayyib Buslaa stresses that Arab boycott of Israel is one of the legitimate peaceful self-defense ways that is in harmony with international law.

Speaking in the opening ceremony of the 83rd  Conference of Regional Offices' Liaison Officers for Boycotting Israel held on Tuesday, Buslaa said "Israel's persistent attacks on Palestinians, seizing homes in Jerusalem and digging roads and tunnels around al-Aqsa mosque represent clear violation of international and human law".
"Moreover, the Israeli companies' attempts to promote and sell products of settlements in different world states are breach of international law", Buslaa added.
Director of Syrian Regional Office for boycotting Israel Gheyath Abbas hit out at western states' attempts to impose dictations and double- standard policy on world peoples, noting that the conference is being convened under serious circumstances at Arab and international levels.
Some 16 Arab states took part in the conference, while Egypt and Jordan (that have diplomatic relations with Israel) besides other four states (Bahrain, Mauritania, Oman and Comoros) were absent.
The 81st conference mounted last October in Damascus called for boycotting three US companies , and a French company as well as Turkish one.
It is worth noting that the Office of boycotting Israel, whose headquarters is in Damascus, and which affiliates to the Arab League (AL) was founded in 1991 to review twice a year the black list of Israeli companies (direct boycott) or other states' companies that deal with Israel (indirect boycott).
Usually, states which have diplomatic ties with Israel do not attend the conference.



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